Wellma & the “One Bite Club”

by Emily Cibulka, Nutrition Coordinator

You might be wondering what all this talk about the “One Bite Club” and “Wellma” is about. Here’s the lowdown!

This month we introduced our newest Wellie, Wellma, who is our stuffed wombat/school pet. Of course, she comes to lifeWellma the Wombat in the kitchen to help me make snacks, wash dishes and encourage the kids to eat all of their favorite fruits and veggies and try new foods!

The kids have been getting stars during morning and afternoon snacks after they give them a try. Wellma gives each Wellie a star on their star charts for being part of her “One Bite Club” and trying at least a bite of their snack. This is to encourage the children to try new foods and eat healthy snacks to fuel their bodies for a day full of play and adventure. If they don’t want to try the snack, they can also earn a star for using table manners during snack time. For example, saying “please” and “thank you,” waiting for their friend to finish eating before they leave the table to start a different activity, and cleaning up their dishes. The classroom that collects the most stars by the end of the week will get to have Wellma in their classroom the next week! She will join them for arts and crafts, science activities, outdoor walks and of course, snack and lunch time!

Wellma Doing Art ProjectIt has been such a blast to see the kids care for Wellma and ask me in every hallway passing, “Where’s Wellma?!” I’ve been moving her around the kitchen throughout the day to make it look like she’s been helping me with various activities, and they think it’s the coolest thing! I have already seen so much more interest in trying the snacks, and using more positive language around snack time when describing foods of which they are unsure. I am hoping to see these trends continue at home so together we can build healthy and adventurous eating habits!

If you’d like a Wellma buddy for your home (she would love to have friends!), you can find one here. We are so excited for all the fun adventures ahead with Wellma the Wombat!

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Ms. Emily

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