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Local. Healthy. Fun. 

The Well was conceived as an answer to a few simple questions: Where do we want to our kids to spend their time? What kind of atmosphere will benefit our children? How do we balance our children’s need for play and fun with education? We want to invite everyone to come and experience local, healthy, fun. We think you will agree that giving kids space to move and exercise fosters growth in every aspect of their lives.

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We believe it is important for kids to move freely and have lots of time to explore. At the Well, we put the kids into teams all throughout the day. We love to see their energy as they work together to accomplish a task. Also, under the guidance of our Managing Director, who is a former personal trainer and soccer coach, the kids will learn balance, agility, and coordination.

We have a passion for healthy food and good nutrition. We offer two healthy snacks (that your kids will love) each day and strive to provide organic and locally-sourced items whenever possible.

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Just like you, we are focused on early education. We want to make sure kids are ready for all of the academic challenges they will face in upcoming years. The Well methods are just a little different. Here, kids spend less time seated at a desk and more time running and playing, because we believe movement, fun and learning go hand in hand — not single file. Your kids will be having so much fun, they won’t realize they’re preparing for success in school.

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Children are like little sponges, they soak up everything around them. Thus, we find it important to provide a huge variety of experiences. This is why we have three unique classrooms for our 2-5 year old children. However, everyone knows that our indoor playground is what made us famous!


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