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Well Worksheets & Printables

Well Worksheets & Printables

Come back frequently as we add to our library of printables for you to use in your homes or classrooms! Click on the images to download & print.
Math Practice

Snowflake Patterns

Printable Snowflake Patterns

Color & Shape Matching

Shapes Counting Pie

Design a Jack-o’-lantern!

Jack O Lantern Faces

Flower & Bee Matching

Bee & Flower Matching

Roll Your Heart Out

Roll Your Heart Out

Roll the Dice!

Roll the Dice Worksheet

Snowball Counting

Snowball Counting Worksheet

Cupid Counting

The Well Valentines Day Worksheet

Early Literacy

Apple Picking! (Literacy & Math)

Apple Picking Letters and Numbers Identification Worksheet

Summertime Letter Hunt

Summertime Letter Hunt B

Falling Leaves Tracing

Falling Leaves Tracing

Social Studies

Sort It For Planet Earth

Sort it for Planet Earth Worksheet

Farm Animal Find

Farm Animal Friends

Games & Activities

Holiday Letter

Holiday Letter Template

Independence Day Matching

Page 1 Independence Day Matching Game Printable

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Well Preschool Summer Scavenger Hunt

Madison Area Fall Bucket List

Things to Do in Fall Madison Wisconsin Area

At-Home Schedule

My Daily Schedule The Well

Daily Learning Themes

Daily Themes

Adventurous Eating BINGO

Adventurous Eating Activity Bingo

At-Home Activity BINGO

At-Home Activity Bingo