Preschool: 2-4 years old

Preschool Care

2-4 years old

It’s during our preschool curriculum that we open our revolutionary facility and layer in some innovation. Your little ones will enjoy a day filled with wonder as they rotate classrooms like a middle school student.

4 to 5 years day care

Tuition fees 2019-20

Age group
Monthly Tuition
Weekly Tuition (53 wks in 2020)

2 year old

$1,580.00 $358

3 year old

$1,470.00 $333
Age group
Monthly Tuition: M,W,F
Monthly Tuition: T,TH

2 year old

$1,165.00 $885.00

3 year old

$1,100.00 $815.00

4-6 year old

$1,010.00 $745.00

*Weekly rates are shown for reference and for vacation discount calculation for eligible families. Tuition is to be paid for the full month on the 1st of each month, or paid twice per month, on the 1st & 15th. If you pay twice per month, you would split the monthly tuition in half for each payment.

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