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There are so many theories out there on early childhood education.  We believe most of them have “overcooked” what kids need and what teachers should do. We start with the idea that kids need a big world to explore, that they feel safe in.  Physically safe and emotionally safe.  Loved. Next, we borrow ideas from some of our most admired philosophies; Home Schooling, Maria Montessori, and Sir Ken Robinson. Finally, we review our practice against the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. In our preschool classrooms, we introduce enrichment learning activities such as Drama Workshops for Social Emotional Development, Sports Days, Yoga Classes, Voice Lessons, and Mandarin & Spanish Language Learning.

Home School

Education in Madison Child Care

Home schooling is such an incredible opportunity for parents to shape the environment that their children learn in.  Some of the ideas we take from this form of education are: cultivate what you know about the child and their interest, find a balance of free flow and structure for the day, support traditional subject matter with unconventional experiences.

Maria Montessori

We believe in many of the same values as those of Maria Montessori.  We see a lot of value in allowing children to make many of their own decisions and giving them space them as they encounter situations in which they are unfamiliar.  We work hard to foster independence, self confidence and self esteem.

Sir Ken Robinson

An internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation, and human potential. Ideas we have taken from Sir Ken Robinson: teaching cannot happen without learning, teachers need to own their creative process, and children need a broad-based education.

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