Social Distancing with Kids: 5 Activities You Can Do Today to Keep Kids Moving!

With less opportunities to leave the house and be in our usual routine, it may seem daunting to figure out ways to let our children release energy! Here are five simple activities to keep kids moving at  home:

1) Crack the Code: Learn your numbers and practice problem-solving while you hop and jump. 

2) Indoor Bowling: Turn your hallway into a bowling alley with items you already have at home!

3) Balloon Badminton: Blow up some balloons and use paint mixer sticks or spatulas to keep them in the air.

4) Tape Shape Game: Get a little geometry learning in while kids move their bodies in creative ways

5) Ice Throwing Contest: Grab the ice tray, step outside, and see how far you you can throw the cubes! Pick up the larger pieces that break off and throw them again. Create targets to aim for (sidewalk chalk circles, trees, or fire hydrants). Stomp on any crushed ice that’s left! 

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