Recipes from our Garden

We are so lucky to have a “backyard” at our school where we can grow lots of vegetables. Our preschool students help with growing the garden by planting seeds, observing the progress of the plants, watering them, and then harvesting them when they are ready to be picked!

And it doesn’t stop there – we also make our daily snacks with what we grow! This helps ensure each child is being introduced to a wide variety of healthy foods and that those foods are being prepared in different appealing ways to increase the likelihood of consumption. Our preschoolers help prepare these snacks, and during preparation our teachers talk about the ingredients so that the children have a better grasp of why food is important and what role it plays in their bodies, helping them to grow just like the plants.

Here are some recipes that we’ve prepared using veggies from our garden:

Print off the recipe cards here!

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