What To Do With Your Jack-o’-lanterns

Don’t just toss those decaying jack-o-lanterns! There’s lots of creative things that you can do with them, some that provide learning experiences and some that even help the environment:

Bury it!

Let kids get messy digging a hole and place the pumpkin in there. It will decompose and add nutrients to the soil!

Old Jack-o-lantern
Don’t just throw it out!
Create a backyard buffet

Chop the pumpkin up in small pieces and set it out in your yard or in a nearby forest to create a feeding frenzy for squirrels, deer and other wildlife.

Make a pumpkin planter

Jack-o-lantern planter

After carving, dip it into a vinegar solution of one part vinegar, four parts water. This will keep it from rotting too quickly. After Halloween, fill it with soil (you can put a burlap cloth inside it if yours has lots of holes from carving to stop the soil from coming out of the openings. Plant a fall bloom like mums, and voila! A fun planter. You can bury the stem top.

Host a “Pumpkin Smash”!

Release some energy by demolishing your jack-o’-lanterns. Invite friends or neighbors over and have them bring demolition tools like hammers or just stomp on them. You can also climb up a ladder and drop them from the top to see how easily they break open. You can compost all the pieces once done!

Feed the birds

Cut the jack-o’-lantern into a bowl shape and fill it with bird feed. You can simply place it on the ground and then watch for birds to come and devour their food!



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