Make Snow Art!

Though winter may technically end on March 21, in Wisconsin we have snow well past that date and sometimes it takes a while to melt away! Here are a few ideas to get creative with it . . .

Snow Spray Paint

Spray paint for snow involves only 3 supplies – a spray bottle, water and food coloring! You can use regular food coloring,Snow Spray Paint however you may need to use close to the entire bottle in order to get a vibrant colors when you spray. Instead, we suggest using liquid concentrated food coloring. Add about 5 drops to your the water and shake up the bottle to evenly disperse it. Then start spraying! You can make rainbows or patterns in the snow too.


Snow “Cookie” Decorating

Snow CookiesYou can do this activity inside or outside, but if you do it inside, we suggest using an ice bucket to gather the snow before you bring it indoors! This activity is from Click here to see it!


Miniature Snowpeople

Since old snow isn’t the best for packing and making regular-sized snowpeople, make tiny versions! You can accessorize with tiny twigs, ribbons for scarves, or even use permanent marker to draw on their eyes and buttons! Reuse those foodTiny Snow People pouch caps or caps from other materials and make them into snowpeople hats. (photo: kirstenreese on





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