Tricks for Healthy Holiday Eating

Written by Emily Cibulka, Nurtitionist for The Well

With extra treats abound during the holidays, it’s easy to treat yourself. You can do just that in addition to eating nutritious foods! Check out these 3 tips to encourage healthy eating, plus a fun holiday-themed snack that you can make together and enjoy as a family. 

Keep a normal eating pattern

This can help prevent overeating when it comes to their favorite holiday dish or grazing throughout the day. Sticking to your schedule can also manage hunger-related crankiness and allows you to keep an eye on them to ensure they are making healthy choices. Start each day off with a balanced breakfast to set the rest of the day up for success! The holidays can also be the perfect time to incorporate your kids in the preparation of their meals as well. See a fun recipe below to do just that! 

Taste the rainbow!

Offer a variety of fruits and veggies for snacking and meals during the day. Each food color offers a unique health benefit for your child. Encourage them to incorporate all 5 colors throughout the day. Have fun with it! Click here to see the nutritional profiles of the color groups and get examples of foods in each and add the rainbow to your holiday eating. 

Consider healthy food swaps

Did you know that Greek yogurt is an excellent swap for sour cream? Or that black beans can make deliciously moist brownies? Swapping out just a few ingredients can make all the difference, and I your kiddos may never even realize! 

Pita Tree RecipeClick here to print recipe

Teacher EmilyEmily Cibulka holds her BS in Kinesiology-Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She enjoys preparing whole foods and educating others to make healthy choices whether it is related to their nutrition or not. She has cared for kids ages 9 and under for 11 years and has experience working with children with diverse abilities for the past 4 years. She enjoys doing CrossFit, playing with her puppy, cooking and watching sports. 

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