Daytime At-Home Schedule

Use this schedule to help organize the morning and afternoon!

Well Daily Schedule

Tips for use

1. Print both pages off, single-sided.

2. Cut out each square on the second page.

3. Use the time slot rectangles to add your own times.

4. The blank squares are for you to add your own activities to the “Play Time,” “Choice Learning Time,” and “Outdoor Time” areas. Draw and write on them, and consider using a pencil so you can change them from day-to-day.

5. Under “Choice Learning Time”, you can join us for cooking lessons, science experiments, story times, movement activities and literacy games on our new YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe! There is a square with the YouTube logo for this activity slot. 

6. If you have a laminator, laminate the schedule page and each of the squares. If you don’t, use a plastic sheet protector for the schedule page, and use clear packing tape around each square to protect it. Or, glue the schedule sheet and/or squares to a sturdier paper, like cardboard or cardstock, and place tape around the edges.

7. Place your new schedule in an easy-to-see place. We recommend the refrigerator, the front of a cabinet, or a door that you pass by often!

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